War in Donbas: ORDLO activists violated silence five times on June 24



For the second day in a row, activists are not shooting as heavily on the APU, but Russian mercenaries do not want to fully adhere to the agreements.

Ukrainian military
Ukrainian military. Stock Photo –

On this subject, referring to the headquarters Environmental protectionindicates “MFN”.

According to the morning report, on Wednesday June 24, pro-Russian terrorists opened fire on the Ukrainian army five times. As usual, the enemy fired from mortars, grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and light weapons.

The bombing turned out to be the position of the Ukrainian army next to Shirokin, Starognatovka, Maryinka, Khvobodny Khutor (twice).

Fortunately, after the bombing of the militants, none of the military APUs were injured.

Headquarters reports that they were forced to retaliate against enemy provocations. Thanks to such actions, illegal armed groups stop their bombing.

According to reports, on June 22 and 23, the APU destroyed three invaders and two others were injured.

Recall that we previously wrote about the situation in the Donbass on June 23.



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