War in Donbas: Ukraine lost defender



During the day yesterday, June 18, the militants again showed a strong activity: 14 bombings per day.

War in Donbas
War in the Donbass. Stock Photo –

On this subject, writes “MFN” referring to the morning report of the siege Environmental protection.

According to the latest data, on Thursday the invaders opened fire 14 times on the positions of the armed forces in the DUS area of ​​Donbass. For the bombing, the enemy used mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, as well as light weapons and snipers.

Under enemy fire were the APU positions near Avdeevka (twice), Maryinki (four times), Krymsky (three times), Nut (three times)

Due to the heavy bombardment of terrorists, Ukraine has lost a soldier. Another is injured.

In order to force the enemy to stop the bombing, the APU combatants had to retaliate: as a result, our soldiers succeeded in destroying the invaders ‘truck and the ammunition depot in one of the militants’ positions.

Recall that we previously wrote about the situation in the Donbass on June 17.



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