War in Donbass will end in 2020, L / DNR will be part of Russia: Pavel Globa



This is what the famous astrologer Pavel Globa said in the horse of 2019.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Astrologer Pavel Globa.
Paul Globa’s predictions in the near future for Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Photo:

For Ukraine, he predicted a very optimistic forecast of the end of a long-term war in the eastern regions, while the so-called Ordlo would most likely be part of the Russian Federation.

According to the astrologer, this should become a new starting point in relations between Ukraine and Russia.

About Crimea Globa said that his fate is determined, so there will be no change. The peninsula will remain with Russia.

At the same time, the astrologer stressed that in the Russian Federation, the model of power and the political system of government will change radically. The importance of oil and gas in the country will diminish and Russia will have to overcome significant economic difficulties.

Of course, at that time, there was no problem with the coronavirus pandemic, but Globa was basically right.

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