War is canceled: in the DPRK has changed its mind to fight with South Korea



The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, had a meeting with the military leadership of the DPRK, during which it was decided to stop preparations for the war with a neighboring country.

Kim Chen In
Kim Chen In. Photo – rbc.ru

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After the recent escalation of relations between North Korea and South Korea, which almost led to a new war on the planet, the authorities of the DPRK have decided to reconcile.
On June 24, the North Korean media reported that the DPRK had decided to postpone the planned military strike on its neighbors. The decision was made during a Kim Jong-un meeting with the country’s military leadership. At the same time, what exactly drove the DPRK to abandon its plans is not reported.

As a reminder, it had previously been reported that the DPRK was ready to start a war against South Korea.


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