Water issue in Ukraine has become a matter of national security – expert



Water issue in Ukraine has become a matter of national security - expert

Water issue in Ukraine has become a matter of national security – expert

04/29.2020 20:09


The issue of water availability in Ukraine has now become a national security problem.

This opinion was expressed by the director of the Institute of Water Problems and Land Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Mykhailo Romashchenko, reports the press service of the Institute.

“Even 20 to 30 years ago, we said that Ukraine, according to its own water resources, was a poor country … Global warming is the main cause of dehydration in Ukraine … It is necessary that a policy be developed at state level for economical use of water. The issue of water in Ukraine has become a national security issue, “he said.

According to him, the maximum consumption of the country for all needs in Ukraine was 31 cubic kilometers in 1991. Last year, Ukrainians consumed about 9 cubic kilometers. In other words, consumption has tripled.

In addition, noted the scientist, industrial production has decreased considerably and the population has decreased.

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“In agriculture, we irrigate 5 times less. But, despite a decrease in consumption, climate change has caused the process which has led to a large-scale total dehydration of the territory of Ukraine,” said Romashchenko.

He also noted that the winter without snow intensified dehydration, as there was virtually no atmospheric nutrition of groundwater or groundwater.

According to its forecasts, Ukraine expects a decrease in the flow of the river. Since there was no atmospheric precipitation in the form of snow or in the form of rain which could form a surface runoff which, flowing from the territory of Ukraine, would cause a flood.

Therefore, the director of the Institute said: “We have not been able to properly fill the tanks of the Dnieper, we have not been able to empty them”.

As Ukrinform reported, the dehydration situation in Ukraine developed for the first time in the last century.

According to the materials: ukrinform.ru

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