Water remained in Crimea for 3 months: the invaders sound the alarm



In the Crimea occupied by Russia, the water reserves are exhausted, they can only suffice for 3 to 3.5 months. The total volume of Crimea’s natural reservoirs is only 106.2 million cubic meters, 88 million cubic meters less than last year at that time.

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After 90 days, Crimea will remain without water.
Water supplies in Crimea remained for three months, the decision depends on the Kremlin. Photo:

The occupants are obliged to provide water to the Crimea intermittently. Local residents complain that there is no water for half a day, and when they start to provide water in the evening, the air flows from the taps for a long time, which which drives the counters. People are scandalized for having been deprived of basic hygiene during an epidemic of coronavirus.

Finally, the so-called “chief” of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, finally started talking about water problems.

“In Crimea, for three months, there was no heavy rain. Small rivers have dried up in the east of the peninsula. It is not yet possible to completely eliminate the transition to a regulated water supply. The municipal administration has the power to introduce an hourly water supply in high availability mode ”, – said Aksyonov.

It should be noted that the water problems in Crimea began after the occupation by Russia. In this regard, Ukraine has blocked the northern Crimean canal, through which water from the Dnieper flows to the peninsula, providing up to 90% of its needs.

Ukraine constantly reminds Putin that it is ready to provide water when the Russian Federation withdraws from Ukrainian territory, so that the Kremlin is solely responsible for the problems.

Earlier, it was reported that the coronavirus would speed up Putin’s departure.



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