We are not going to help Russia – Ukrainian ministers are adamantly against resumption of water supply in Crimea



The foreign ministers and the minvot noted that as long as the occupying power remains on the peninsula, Ukraine will not let water into the Crimea.

Water supply in Crimea
Water supply of Crimea. Stock Photo –

Dmitry Kuleba and Aleksey Reznikov spoke about it on the political program “Freedom of expression”, reports “MFN”.

According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, Ukraine understands that in Crimea, the water supply situation is difficult and that the Russian Federation is not able to solve this problem on its own:

“But that does not mean that we will help the occupying country to solve this problem. The situation in Crimea is more than critical … But do not expect help from us. These are the problems of Russia as an occupier. International law stipulates that the occupiers are fully responsible for the situation in the occupied territory. “

Supported his colleague and the head of the Ministry of Higher Technical Education Alexei Reznikov. He noted that even if Russia asked Ukraine for help, the answer would be one:

“Liberate Crimea and Donbas, withdraw your soldiers from Ukraine and we will then resume the supply of water to Crimea.”

Recall that we wrote earlier that Poklonskaya had turned to the UN due to the critical situation with water in Crimea.



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