We are not saying that everything is fine for us – Lukashenko on the coronavirus in Belarus



The Belarusian leader continues to guarantee that the situation in the country is completely under control and that there is no need to introduce quarantine.

Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Lukashenko. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Belta“.

In addition, Lukashenko is certain that other countries which have started to weaken their quarantine have followed the example of Belarus:

“The situation of coronavirus and other diseases is under our control. Everything is bearable. I’m not saying that everything is fine for us and we took God by the beard … But for the third month now, we have not entered quarantine and that is working.

Look at the other countries that have started to act on our method. In Europe, they are gradually quarantining and reviving the economy. And that, considering that more people die in one day than in Belarus in three months. “

It should be noted that today in Belarus 23,906 cases of coronavirus are officially registered: 136 fatalities and 6,531 people have already been cured.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Russian journalists had been expelled from Belarus for the “false story about the coronavirus in Belarus”.

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