We are witnessing a complete disaster – in the “DPR”, workers of the Donetsk railway wrote a complaint to Pushilin



In the so-called “DPR”, the workers of the Donetsk railway wrote an appeal to “the head of the republic” Denis Pushilin. The rail workers also sent a copy of the call to their management.

Donetsk Railway
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

People have told the head of the “republic” under what conditions they have been working since the end of 2019. According to the railway workers, they do not receive full salary. Also, they say, not many people know, but workers at the Donetsk railway company had to go through a 4-day work week, of course, not of their own free will.

“In 2020, we are witnessing a complete disaster … The railway is sinking to the bottom,” said the press release.

In addition, the railway workers of the “DPR” told Pushilin that they had to work in dangerous conditions for their low wages. According to them, in April workers will receive only 5 to 7,000 rubles.

“Is it really a living wage for an employee who provides and maintains the working capacity of a huge, unique transportation complex 24 hours a day?”, Write railway workers in Pushilin.

People complain that their colleagues do not support such working conditions and are massively dismissed.

It is also noted in the appeal that the equipment of the railway industry is almost completely worn out.

The railway workers ask Pushilin if there are at least some opportunities and prospects for stabilizing the work of the rail industry in the “republic”.

At the end of their call, people added that now their workers in the rail industry are “on the side of their opportunities”.

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