We call Russia – the US Embassy in Ukraine has turned to the Russian Federation due to the actions of illegal armed groups in Donbas



Donbass Russian mercenaries hamper the work of the OSCE, United Nations, Red Cross and other international organizations monitoring mission. Activists use the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to obstruct the work of international organizations in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine. On this occasion, the American Embassy in Ukraine turned to the Russian Federation.

Embassy of the USA
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to RBC-Ukraine.

The United States joined the joint statement by Germany and France. The embassy said the United States was concerned about the actions of illegal armed groups in the Donbass. On this occasion, the United States turned to the Russian Federation. The press service of the US Embassy again called on the Kremlin to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and immediately stop the bombing. In addition, the United States has reminded the Russian Federation of political prisoners.

“We urge the Russian Federation and its mercenaries to release political prisoners and to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and the fulfillment of the mandate of the OSCE mission,” said the embassy.

In addition, the United States reminded the Russian Federation that it must respect the Minsk agreement.

It should be noted that the “authorities” of the illegal Donbas republics have previously stated that in connection with the threat of the spread of the coronavirus from March 21, restrictions will apply to the OSCE mission. Thus, representatives of the OSCE and other international organizations cannot fully work in the temporarily occupied Donbas territory. International organizations also do not have information on the situation of the coronavirus at ORDLO, because the representatives of illegal armed groups hamper their work.

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