We cannot bear it – the ideologist of the “DPR” warned his fellow citizens of the approach of the disaster




“DPR” ideologist Roman Manekin warned residents and colleagues about an extremely difficult crisis for which the “authorities” are not ready. The uncontrolled territories of Ukraine are extremely stressed.

Flag of the “DPR”. Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to Donpress.

Manekin admits that the “DPR” social system has arrived at a time of crisis and is in a “crushed” state. Almost 6 years of combat conditions, large-scale restrictions and the coronavirus have exhausted all the forces of the terrorists.

“The social system was extremely tight. In today’s environment, it is difficult to hope that improvements will come by themselves, but we simply have run out of real resources. Spring break. I fear that the DNR will go out. The cruelty inherent in local authorities has lost its effectiveness and has already become harmful. The combination of carrots and sticks also does not bring a positive result. We need to speak humanly with people and avoid scandals, ”said Manekin.

Recall, as noted earlier, that coronavirus drugs have proven to be dummies: the EU has denied American methods.

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