We could defend Crimea, and there would be no Donbass: Shokin



The United States of America, despite President Obama’s promises, did not actually provide any assistance to Ukraine during the Russian capture of Crimea in 2014.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Victor Shokin.
The United States could prevent the annexation of Crimea by Russia, but has done nothing about it. Photo:

One such statement was made by former Ukrainian attorney general Viktor Shokin in an interview with Ales Batsman.

According to Shokin, Joe Biden played an important role in this matter.

“Biden only promised that we would help, and helped to the point that, sorry, we lost Crimea. I think there is a very important part of Biden, ” – said the former prosecutor.

According to Shokin, when the annexation of Crimea actually started, the Ukrainian authorities turned to the Americans for help, but advised them to calm down, not to worry, and to take no retaliatory measure.

Shokin said confidently that it was then possible to arrest Putin, and that there would be no problem in eastern Ukraine.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia is urgently preparing to take over the Kherson region.



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