We decided so – the NATO Secretary General after the alliance meeting turned to Ukraine with the long-awaited news



NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, after concluding the Alliance meeting on April 2 via an online teleconference with the Foreign Ministers of the member countries of the military bloc, turned to Kiev with official good news.

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NATO has agreed on a new support plan for Ukraine. Photo:

The NATO chief has said that representatives of the Alliance countries have agreed on a new support package for Ukraine and Georgia.

“We have decided to deepen our partnership with Ukraine and Georgia, in particular through exercises in the strategic Black Sea region, as well as to work together to combat cyber threats, in particular by sharing radar data on air traffic to make the sky safer. for everyone ” – Jens Stoltenberg noted.

In addition, according to the NATO Secretary General, the new program includes military exercises and access to Alliance training programs. It will be added to the existing support modules for Ukraine.

“This is another step, another element of a very solid partnership between NATO and Ukraine”, – Stoltenberg pointed out.

The head of the Alliance has not forgotten the situation in eastern Ukraine, saying that NATO sees all the provocations Russia is carrying out very well, and Putin must not forget.

Earlier, it was reported that the NATO Secretary General had issued a harsh warning to Putin.

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