We did not expect this – the Ministry of Health is concerned about the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine



Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Maxim Stepanov said that the department suggested that after weakening, the number of cases increased. But no one expected such a big jump.

Maxim Stepanov
Maxim Stepanov. Stock Photo –

This was stated by Stepanov at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, writes “MFN”.

The minister said that for the second day in a row, the situation with the coronavirus has worsened considerably. Therefore, the Ministry of Health proposes to review the previous relaxation:

“The situation is only getting worse … When we introduced mitigation measures, we realized that the number of those who were bored would increase slightly. But then … We broke records for the second day in a row. “

Stepanov added that the Ministry of Health is conducting an epidemiological investigation to find out the reasons for the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

Recall that we wrote earlier under what conditions a strict quarantine will be returned to Ukraine.



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