We did not vote for it, we were just used: the thoughts of the inhabitants of Donetsk after six years of “independence”



Six years after the “famous referendum” in May 2014, residents of the “free” city of Donetsk realized that what they were voting for was not happening before their eyes and realized that they were simply using it.

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L / DPR residents are not enthusiastic about the “Russian world” and believe they have been used bluntly. Photo:

The famous blogger “Evil Ukr” recalled how, on the eve of the “referendums”, Russian propagandists intimidated the inhabitants of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions with evil Bandera and spoke of the need for a federalization of Ukraine and the need to maintain close relations with the Russian Federation.

By manipulating people’s minds, Russian propagandists succeeded in convincing a part of the local population, dissatisfied with the events that took place in Kiev on the Maidan in 2014, that by voting in a “referendum”, they would vote for the independence of the region and democracy.

And the “referendum” took place, but did not take place, since the turnout was only 25%. However, the Kremlin was not bothered by this, and they created the illusion of “full popular will”. Moscow pursued its geopolitical objectives and, after carrying out an aggression, occupied part of the Ukrainian territory.

And now, after 6 years of Russian occupation and war, many people in Donbas who voted in “referendums” were not happy with the “Russian world” and realized that they were not voting for it and didn’t want it at all, and they just used it in the interests of Russia.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia is paying a dramatic price for the desire for a “championship”.

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