We did not want such a Russia! – Crimea residents call on Ukraine for urgent aid



Residents of the Russian-occupied Crimea peninsula have called on Ukraine to urgently contribute to the fight against the large-scale corruption system of the Russian Federation. According to the Crimeans, this diet is based on the Massandra winery, which Vladimir Putin or his associates want to take advantage of.

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This information was reported by “Dialog.UA“, Referring to a number of posts in social networks, reports” MFN “.

“Massandra” wants to sell Putin’s friend for 600 million! Please save Crimea from ruin. We did not want such a Russia! We didn’t expect her to be with us this way! Leave us our house! “Said the publication.

We also know that in 2017, a factory specializing in the production of New World champagne wines was auctioned off on the territory of the Crimea peninsula. The company was purchased by South Project, affiliated with Rossiya Bank, which is owned by Yuri Kovalchuk. It has already been dubbed “Putin’s wallet” in the media and social media. People say that he is the one who currently wants to make the Massandra factory his property.

On this occasion, a serious scandal broke out on the Internet. The Crimeas were reminded in the comments that a new referendum could be organized to secede from the Russian Federation. However, there are those who have reasonably declared their own fear of repeating the fate of Abkhazia or Transnistria.

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