We don’t have Zelensky: Lukashenko made a noisy statement on the eve of the elections in Belarus



There will be no “Maidans” in Belarus! President Alexander Lukashenko made a loud statement about possible rallies and demonstrations in the country on the eve of the country’s presidential election.

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Alexander Lukashenko.
The President of Belarus has made a harsh statement regarding possible Maidans. Photo:

This statement by the Belarusian president was made during a meeting with the president of the KGB of the republic Valery Vakulchik. Lukashenko also called not to compare the situation in Belarus with the events that took place in Ukraine or Armenia.

According to the Belarusian leader, the situation in the country can develop in different ways, only in Belarus there are no Zelensky and Pashinyans.

“They are talented people, of course, and most of all – the patriots of their country. They are loyal to their country “, – stressed Lukashenko.

And among the Belarusians, according to him, there are people, “Ready to sell for a penny anything that was created by the people, not just the president.”

“We will not shut anyone’s mouth. There are places in Minsk where you can have a chat, please be prepared. But we must control the order so that nothing goes beyond its limits. In no case should the KGB and the police commit a violation of the law ”, – said Lukashenko.

In addition, the President of Belarus declared that the objectives pursued by certain “veterinarians” were known to be arranged for certain “Maidan” the day before or on the day of the presidential election, and warned that he would not authorize any ” Maidan “.

Earlier, it was reported that if Zelensky refused direct negotiations with the L / DPR, there would be war again.



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