We don’t know if he’s alive – at the UN, they talked about the disappearance of Kim Jong-un



As you know, the leader of North Korea has not appeared in public since April 12, and rumors have already started that he was gravely ill … and some even claim that Kim Jong-un is completely dead.

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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Gromadske“.

The United Nations was also asked to comment on the sudden disappearance of Kim Jong-un, but here they said they had no information about the DPRK leader:

“We can not say anything … We have no information on the state of health of Kim Jong-un”, – UN chief Antoni Guterres answered questions from the media.

Note that North Korea itself claims that with Kim Jong-un everything is fine and that he just spends time in Wonsan.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Kim Jong-un’s sister could become the new leader of the DPRK.

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