We don’t want to die – frightened Russians turned to Putin overwhelmingly



In the Russian Federation, the level of panic and moods of protest are increasing. In the Novgorod region, small businesses turned massively to Vladimir Putin with harsh criticism and a cry for help for the future of the country and its citizens.

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It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” NPF “.

Representatives of small businesses said the actions of the Russian authorities were no less terrible than the coronavirus itself. People fear the loss of their business and the advent of hunger in the country.

“We are citizens of our homeland, law-abiding taxpayers. The work of all of us was interrupted by order of the authorities. However, we have to pay for public services even when we have been denied the opportunity to work. Taxes for us have only been deferred for the quarantine period, but after that we will have to pay them, and there is absolutely nowhere to take the money. We are forced to pay loans without delay. Our children are deprived of social assistance, because even without the capacity to work, we belong to the category of individual entrepreneurs. We do not want to starve, and there is no difference for us, to die from coronavirus or starvation, “said the appeal to the Russian authorities.

People are asking to cancel the so-called “days off”, which are introduced instead of quarantine, and give them the opportunity to earn an honest living.

As a reminder, as mentioned above, the quarantine will not be weakened for everyone: a Ukrainian region has refused to relax the quarantine.

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