We follow the Spanish scenario – the epidemiologist said if the quarantine will be extended in Ukraine



Quarantine in Ukraine is unlikely to end on April 24, as a second wave of coronavirus infection is possible in the country. This is what the head of the NMU epidemiology department says to them. A. Bogomolets, Professor Irina Kolesnikova.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Letters.

Professor Irina Kolesnikova predicts that the government will extend the quarantine in Ukraine after April 24. Kolesnikova does not rule out the possibility that there may be a second wave of coronavirus infection in the country.

According to Kolesnikova, it is difficult to forecast the extension of the quarantine, because the Cabinet of Ministers can also cancel the quarantine because of the economic crisis. In this case, the professor advises people at risk to remain isolated.

Kolesnikova also predicts that the situation with the coronavirus will develop in Ukraine according to the “Spanish scenario”. She explained this by the fact that the government reacted in time and decided to introduce quarantine measures.

“In terms of the number of cases of infection, we are following the Spanish scenario,” said Kolesnikova.

In addition, the epidemiologist does not exclude the possibility that many Ukrainians have already had a coronavirus in a mild or asymptomatic form.

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