We have learned how much pensions will increase in Ukraine from July 1, 2020.



From 1 July 2020, the living wage will be increased in Ukraine to 2,118 hryvnias, and with it the minimum pension will increase from 74 hryvnias to 1,712 hryvnias.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Indexation of pensions since July 1st.
As of July 1, the next indexation of pensions for Ukrainian retirees will take place. Photo:

In December there will be another increase in pensions associated with an increase in the minimum wage to 1769 hryvnia.

Out of 11.4 million pensioners in Ukraine, around 80,000 receive social pensions. These are people who have reached retirement age, but who do not have sufficient work experience. They will also be reviewed.

And those who have excess work experience (over 35 years for men and 30 years for women) will receive an additional 1% of the minimum pension for each year that exceeds the norm, which from July 1 will be 17.12 hryvnia.

PFU also said it would continue to make additional monthly payments of 500 hryvnias to retirees over 80 years of age. And the Ministry of Social Policy is considering the possibility of such increases for people over 75 years of age.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukrainians expect a further increase in pensions and social payments.



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