We have sunk deeply – Shmygal predicts tough times for Ukrainians



Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said that at the moment Ukraine has entered a difficult economic crisis. The Head of Cabinet noted that this process had started in March. According to the head of government, in April-May, the situation in the country has not changed.

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This is reported by MFN, referring to the TV channel “Ukraine 24 ″.

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal discussed the current situation of the Ukrainian economy. According to him, the country is now in the most difficult phase of the economic crisis. According to the Prime Minister, this stage started in March. And in April-May, the country’s economy, according to Shmygal, “sank” even more.

According to the head of cabinet, the process of economic recovery in Ukraine has already been launched. Shmygal noted that Ukraine has high hopes in this case on the IMF tranche. Shmygal did not give specific forecasts on the timing of the economic recovery in Ukraine. He noted that it will be a long process, and positive results can be seen in the second or third trimester.

“We sank deeply. Now, the difficult period continues, difficult moments, perhaps still to come, ”said the Prime Minister.

In addition, he stressed that cooperation with the IMF is very important for Ukraine.

Despite the fact that it is not an easy time in the country, the head of government expressed confidence that Ukraine will be able to pass this stage.

Recall that the IMF has decided to allocate to Ukraine a tranche of $ 5 billion.

Earlier, we reported that Shmygal had indicated what the IMF money would go to.



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