We have to make tough decisions – Russian politician Bagdasarov calls on Moscow to “stop playing with Ukraine”



Russian politician and orientalist Semyon Baghdasarov said that the Ukrainian state is pursuing a hostile policy against Russia. According to the politician, the Kremlin should not leave this unattended. Bagdasarov called on the Kremlin authorities to make difficult decisions.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Dialogue. AU”.

Russian politician Semyon Bagdasarov distinguished himself by a provocative statement to Ukraine. He called Ukraine “a state with openly hostile policies against the Russian Federation” and said “it is time to stop playing with Ukraine”. In addition, the politician said that Russia has the right to return its lands. During his speech, the politician said that the south-eastern regions of Ukraine are “the lands of the Russian Federation”.

“Russia has every right to return the mostly Russian lands of south-eastern Ukraine,” said the politician.

According to the Russian politician, the Russian Federation reserves the right to act in different ways when “returning to its territories”.

In addition, Bagdasarov recalled the “Steinmeier formula”. He believes that the Kremlin should forget this formula and develop another plan for the Donbass – the “Sudoplatov plan”. According to Bagdasarov, in this case, Moscow should not consult Western countries.

“We have to make tough decisions. To what extent can we think that our western partners will think of us? “Said the Russian politician.

The politician also commented on the opening of the land market in Ukraine. According to Baghdasarov, “it was a betrayal”.

Earlier, we reported that Reznikov had said what the Ukrainians who received Russian passports would do when the Donbas were reinstated.



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