We learned how the new school year for schoolchildren was going to start



Parents and schoolchildren are very interested in the return of the previous school system to Ukraine.

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The new school year.
The Cabinet of Ministers has explained how the new school year will unfold in schools. Photo:

As reported to the Cabinet, neither the first bell, nor the vacation line, nor the usual courses, nor the diplomas and other school events will not be.

And this, of course, is linked to the coronavirus epidemic, which has brought its overall adjustments to the learning process of schoolchildren.

In line with the new curriculum developed by the government, online distance education will continue in the new school year. Students will have to master the school program on their own.

According to actor Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lyubomir Mandziy, new distance learning technologies will be introduced more and more in schools. She promised to send recommendations to schools and colleges by the end of June that school leaders and teachers in educational institutions will plan the structure for the next school year.

Manziy added that even if the COVID-19 epidemic in Ukraine was overcome at the start of the school year, the principles of distance education would still be actively introduced into the education system.

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