We lost to Ukraine – L / DPR separatists admitted their own failures to the fore



The ranks of the hybrid army of invaders from the occupied Donbas have admitted that their war on the psychological front was definitely lost. In addition, according to them, the separatist command ran the inspiring bad enterprise.

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This information was reported by gunner Vladlen Tatarsky in Russian social networks, reports “MFN”.

“You know, we lost to Ukraine. The psychological war on the front has been lost … Yes, in 2014, we broke the dill. The image of the militia did not suffer. What were Givi and Motorola doing at the time? These charismatic rasps *** and – what did they do ?! The same goes for the intelligent Strelkov or the same Scythian, Brain … Even the Cossacks have shown that war is supposed to be a public holiday. The Ukrainians did not have one. It’s funny … “, he said at the very beginning.

After that, Tatarsky recalled that after particular ostentation and frivolity on the part of senior management, boring daily reports began.

“Senior officials have decided that people need these boring reports with fakes. But we must wage a real psychological war, which we have lost. Who are all these people who decide for us? Are there crimes in such actions? Said the occupier at the end.

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