We must be ready – Pushilin has given urgent instructions to the “leaders” of the “DPR” cities because of the coronavirus



The head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin held a videoconference with the “heads” of the cities of the “republic”. Pushilin said that the “authorities” of the cities and districts of the “republic” should be prepared for the possible isolation of the settlements due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Denis Pushilin
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

The leader of the unrecognized “DPR”, Denis Pushilin, held a video meeting with the “heads” of the cities and districts of the unrecognized republic. He instructed the local “officials” to draw up a program to isolate the towns in the event that the epidemiological situation of the “republic” worsens. In addition, the head of the unrecognized republic has set a deadline for civil servants. According to him, proposals must be submitted on this issue until April 24.

In addition, according to Pushilin, he hopes that the situation of coronavirus in the “republic” will not get worse and that these developments will only remain on paper.

“I really hope that we will not have to take advantage of these developments, but we must be ready for any development,” said the head of the “DPR”.

It should be noted that Pushilin issued an earlier “decree”, according to which employers should transfer their employees to remote work whenever possible.

Recall that we had previously reported that the United States turned to the Russian Federation after the exchange of prisoners between Kiev and Ordlo.

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