We must calmly clean the machine gun: the Foreign Ministry said what Ukraine should prepare for



Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has been going on for six years.

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You should calmly clean the machine gun.
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry explained what the Ukrainians should prepare for. Photo:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that there is no reason to hope for an end to the aggression quickly.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Bodnar, the situation will not change significantly over the next few years.

According to him, the proof is the concentration of Russian troops on the Ukrainian-Russian border, which, at least, can speak of a demonstration of forces by Russia.

“Our response to this is to” stay calm and clean the machine gun “: do not fall into the allegedly conciliatory rhetoric of Russia, strengthen the defense capabilities and the psychological readiness for defense”, – explained Bodnar.

He recalled that in history there have been many episodes linked to the Moscow aggression against Ukraine. It was at the time of the Cossacks.

“Often we don’t want to admit it, but, as a rule, we were responsible for this ourselves, so we don’t need to repeat historical mistakes”, – stressed the diplomat.

Earlier, it was reported that the Ukrainian foreign ministry had responded to Putin with allegations of complicity with the Nazis.



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