We must do it: Avakov turned to President Zelensky with an unexpected proposal



Interior Minister Arsen Avakov shared important information during a conference call hosted by President Zelensky.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Arsen Avakov's offers.
Arsen Avakov made an unexpected offer. Photo:

According to the minister, the Italian authorities asked us to help the medical teams. Since many countries have already provided assistance to Italy, the head of the department made a proposal to the President of Ukraine.

“It would be good to provide Italy with a team of several of our specialists, say the anesthesiologists, before having the peak of the disease. They will then return with invaluable experience in the fight against the pandemic. However, we must ensure their total safety and the best working conditions in Italy ”, – suggested the head of the department.

Avakov also said that Ukraine could help Italy with alcohol for medical purposes.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin’s real hands were squeezed.

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