We will never get rid of coronavirus again – Sweden’s chief epidemiologist



Anders Tagnell noted that the coronavirus will never disappear and that the world will periodically face new pandemics.

Coronavirus worldwide
Coronavirus worldwide. Photo –

The epidemiologist talked about it during a videoconference, writes “MFN” referring to “RMF24“.

According to him, the countries where they hope that after the recovery of the last patient with coronavirus the disease itself will disappear very badly. Tegnell believes the world will never get rid of coronavirus:

“I highly doubt that the virus will simply disappear over time. In some countries, they assume that when the number of infected people drops to zero, it means victory over the virus. But I don’t think so. It seems to me that each year we will face outbreaks of the COVID-19 epidemic, such as the seasonal flu. “

Recall earlier to WHO, they said that the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in the world had not yet arrived.

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