We will not do it quickly – Razumkov spoke of Ukraine’s chances of returning the occupied territories



The President of the Verkhovna Rada believes that to restore Crimea and the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas, Ukraine must first become an economically strong country.

Dmitry Razumkov
Dmitry Razumkov. Photo –

This is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Radio liberty“.

In his interview, Dmitry Razumkov noted that it would be difficult and not quick to restore the occupied territories … But that does not mean that these territories must be abandoned:

“We cannot remove this issue from the agenda. We have to deal with it daily at different levels. We also cannot lose communication with the inhabitants of the occupied territories, I mean both Crimea and Donbas. Unfortunately, this problem has not been actively addressed in recent years. “

The politician also noted that the main tools for the return of the temporarily lost territories are the pressure of the international community on Russia and the development of the Ukrainian economy.

“We will not be able to restore Crimea and Donbas quickly. But neither can you cede or forget your territories. “

Remember, an American diplomat said earlier that Russia must answer for Crimea and Donbas.



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