We will not see the world – Rabinovich announced the loss of chances of reaching an agreement with the Kremlin



Pro-Russian political forces in Ukraine are extremely outraged by the government’s actions in terms of peace. “HMW” co-chair Vadim Rabinovich said that Kiev is not fulfilling its obligations regarding the Donbass and that the chance to negotiate with the Kremlin has been lost.

Vadim Rabinovich
Vadim Rabinovich. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference on the air of ZIK.

“In our situation, the hope for peace is fading. The reason is simple – Lavrov gave his negative answer. It is very sad for Ukraine. The Norman format is apparently canceled, because Ukraine refuses to conscientiously fulfill its obligations. It is a big failure, ”said Rabinovich.

He thinks that the fault lies with Kiev and, in turn, he tries to get rid of his responsibilities, referring to the pandemic.

“The authorities are trying to blame all of the coronavirus problems. The coronavirus saves our power from many problems and the government is probably even happy with this situation, ”noted Rabinovich.

Recall, as noted earlier, Peskov made an important statement about the future of the Russians: the situation has gotten out of hand.

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