We will remember this rudeness for a long time – Golobutsky defeated Putin’s arguments about Ukraine



Blogger and political scientist Alexei Golobutsky has decided to provide historical counter-arguments to what Vladimir Putin says about Ukraine. According to Golobutsky, in some of his remarks, the president of the Russian Federation is too wrong, and in the future these words will have to be submitted to the UN.

Vladimir Poutine
Vladimir Putin Photo – Krymcom.com

This information has been reported Golobutsky on his Facebook page, reports “MFN”.

“The President of the Russian Federation, in fact, clung firmly to his own imperial rhetoric. In an interview with Russia-1, he started talking about what Russia would have given to Ukraine. But how are you really doing? “Said the blogger at the very beginning.

After that, the blogger talked about the Ukrainian facts about the Russian Federation, which are supported by a number of Western experts. He said that Kiev existed even when Muscovy was not in sight. And the arguments in favor of the fact that land was donated by Russia, Russia or the USSR are biased.

“Of course, this is normal for the Kremlin. They and the Soviet Union are a “liberator” for Ukraine. Although this power consumed our territory, then received a so-called “gift” – our own territories! Officially, such rhetoric was supposed to force the Ukrainian government to act, “he said.

After that, Golobutsky recalled such “gifts” to Finland and the Baltic states, suggesting that such statements are absurd.

“We will remember this rudeness for a long time at every occasion at the UN or at meetings of the European Parliament or the European Commission, as far as Russia is concerned. However, it is unlikely that we will wait for the claims from Ukraine, ”said Golobutsky at the end.

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Gepostet von Oleksiy Petrovich Golobutsky a m Sonntag, June 21, 2020

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