Weak Quarantine: How Markets Will Work Now


Ministry of Health unveils new requirements to open market in quarantine

Trade Return: How the Market Will Work

The Ministry of Health has developed a draft proposal on reintroducing 280 food markets during quarantine. The main objective of the project is to provide security for vendors and visitors. To do this, it is essential that all people in the area are masked, temperature probes are performed, antiseptics are available, surfaces are disinfected every three hours, and the premises themselves at the end of each working day. This was stated by Health Minister Maxim Stepanov.

“In the next meeting of the government, we will consider the issue of restoring food markets. The Ministry of Health has prepared a decree.

To make it safe, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy have developed a clear algorithm for hygiene control of markets. It now plans to open more than 280 food markets – capable of providing everything needed to comply with sanitary standards, ”Stepanov wrote.

The Minister emphasized that this is a serious step towards weakening quarantine, so it is necessary to follow all the preventive requirements of functioning of markets, as well as

  • Not more than one buyer per 10 square meters;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all rooms at the end of each working day;
  • Lack of smooth trade in market adjacent regions;
  • Distance between vendors’ jobs – at least three meters;
  • Protective screen between sellers and buyers.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that online service ordering service Kabachike did a market research under the terms of quarantine measures. According to data collected by the company, the business services sector was previously suffering from quarantine – in March and April, accountants, lawyers, financiers and human resources received 30% fewer orders than in February.

Presumably, the population had more time for homework – artisans and cleaners were ordered 14% less than before. In addition, the Ukrainians decided to postpone the order to repair the furniture – a 26% decrease in demand compared to February.

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