Weakening of quarantine: media have announced dates and a gradual plan to return to normal life



Already in April, a gradual relaxation of quarantine measures will begin. Authorities have started work on a detailed plan for a return to normal life.

Quarantine in Ukraine
Quarantine in Ukraine. Stock Photo –

This publication reports “Left Bank“, Referring to its sources, writes” MFN “.

The plan calls for the weakening of quarantine measures to begin on April 14. At this point, it will be possible to restore the work of small shops (up to 400 square meters), as well as construction and gardening stores, regardless of the area.

From May 1, all other stores, malls and hairdressers will start working.

In mid-May, students will return to their desks, cafes / restaurants and beauty salons will open.

But there are no plans to open the borders in the near future. They can be kept “locked” until the end of June. The airports will not work either. Entry restrictions will depend on the situation.

Easter is not prohibited. Of course, this does not mean that you can visit relatives and friends … But the police will not go home and will not check how they adhere to self-isolation.

Recall that we had previously reported that certain quarantine measures could extend until September.

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