Weather forecast for April 8, 2020: Ukraine is still warm and sunny



According to forecasts by meteorologist Natalya Didenko, it will be dry, hot and sunny in Ukraine on April 8, frosts are still possible at night.

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Weather forecast for April 8, 2020.
In Ukraine today it is sunny in the spring. Photo:

The weather in Ukraine on April 8 will be sunny and warm in all regions of Ukraine without exception, and only night frosts will be observed in certain places down to -3 degrees.

The average air temperature during the day, depending on the region, will vary from 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. The hottest in western regions, here the bars of the thermometer will display from +18 to +20 degrees. It will be a little cooler in eastern Ukraine and in the Crimea – + 12 … +16 degrees.

It will always be cold at night with temperatures from -2 to +4 degrees. The coldest night will be in the Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkov regions – from -1 to -3 degrees.

Wind west, moderate. In the North and East, it can be jerky, sometimes to a fort.

Today, Kiev also has hot, sunny and dry weather with gusty winds and light cloud cover. During the day, the air temperature rises to +19 degrees, at night, it still makes 2 to 4 degrees of heat.

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