Weather forecast for June 11, 2020: Ukraine is dry and hot, with the exception of the western regions and Crimea



Meteorologist Natalya Didenko said on June 11 the weather in Ukraine should still be hot and dry, with rains and thunderstorms in the west and in the Crimea.

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The weather forecast for June 11, 2020.
The heat continues in Ukraine, the rains will pass to the west and to the Crimea. Photo:

In Ukraine, on Thursday June 11, mainly dry, sunny and hot weather is expected. And it is only in the western regions and in the Crimea that the rains with thunderstorms predict. The average air temperature during the day will be between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius.

“The so-called ascent line will weigh on western regions on June 11, along a pile of cumulonimbus. Therefore, it will rain and thunder ” – Natalia Didenko wrote on her Facebook page.

In some places, the rains will turn into thunderstorms and squalls are possible. In addition to western regions, precipitation is expected in Crimea.

The rest of Ukraine will have dry, sunny and warm weather. The columns of thermometers will rise during the day to + 29 … + 35 degrees. In the West, it will be cooler – + 25 … + 28 degrees.

Wind will be oriental, moderate.

In Kiev, the air temperature warms up to + 31 … + 33 degrees. Rainfall is not expected.

The heat is expected to decrease over the weekend – June 13-14. However, the east will always be warm.

Weather previously reported on June 10, 2020.



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