Weather forecast for June 5, 2020: Ukraine is almost in summer, but still rainy



Meteorologist Natalya Didenko said on June 5 the weather in Ukraine should be hot but rainy.

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The weather forecast for June 5, 2020.
In Ukraine, it is hot, but rainy, the cyclone goes around the country and does not leave. Photo:

The weather in Ukraine on Friday June 5 will be mainly summer. The columns of thermometers rise on average to + 22 … +24 degrees. However, in some Ukrainian regions it will still rain and in some places, even with thunderstorms.

“On June 5, the air temperature in Ukraine will reach + 20 … +24 degrees. And in the central and southern regions, the thermometer columns will rise to +26 degrees. However, in the Sumy and Kharkiv regions, it will be a little cooler – + 17 … + 22 degrees “, – Natalia Didenko wrote on her Facebook page.

Precipitation is most likely to occur in the north and center, possibly west and in the Kherson region.

The wind will be from the southwest, in gusts.

The weather will be rainy and stormy on Friday in Kiev. The temperature in the afternoon will rise to 22 … 24 degrees with a plus.

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