Weather forecast for May 19, 2020: cool spring with rain will continue in Ukraine



Meteorologist Natalya Didenko said on Monday May 19 the rains will return to Ukraine and it will be cool.

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Weather forecast for May 19, 2020.
On May 19, Ukraine rains in a significant part of the territory. Photo:

The weather in Ukraine on Tuesday May 19 will be with rain in most areas and strong winds. It won’t be cold, but it’s also hot.

“The second half of May took place, but the weather was enchanted. Periodic rains, light degrees, especially at night: the situation on May 19 will not change ”, – Natalia Didenko wrote in Facedook.

The northern atmospheric front will restore rain to the west, north and most central regions of Ukraine, and will also affect the Kharkiv region.

In southern Ukraine the weather will be mainly dry.

A gusty west wind blows at a speed of 7 to 12 meters per second.

The hottest place will be in Bucovina, there in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to + 23 … + 25 degrees.

It will be cooler in the Kharkiv and Sumy regions. There, the thermometers will display from 15 to 17 degrees with a plus.

In Kiev, rain is expected on May 19. The temperature at night is +7 degrees, during the day the air temperature warms up to + 16 … + 18 degrees.

The weather was previously reported on May 18, 2020.



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