Weather forecast for May 25, 2020: it’s warmer in Ukraine, but the rains continue



Meteorologist Natalya Didenko predicted that on May 25 the weather in Ukraine might have warmed up a bit, but in some areas it is still raining.

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Weather forecast for May 25, 2020.
On May 25, in Ukraine, it became warmer, but rainier, sunny than in the East. Photo:

The weather in Ukraine on Monday 25 May will be mainly rainy. Only in the eastern regions will it be dry and sunny. The coolest temperatures are expected in Lviv and Bucovina.

It will be the warmest in the regions of Zaporizhzhya, Nikolaev and Crimea. Despite the possible precipitation, the temperature will rise to + 18 … + 20 degrees.

The wind is from the north, in the eastern regions of Ukraine, to the east, moderate.

“The atmospheric front, which is already hosted in western Ukraine, will spread east during the day, therefore, in most regions, it will rain on May 25”, – wrote on Facebook Natalya Didenko.

In Kiev, May 25 is rainy. The air temperature in the capital during the day will not exceed +16 degrees.

The weather was previously reported on May 22, 2020.



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