Weather forecast for May 8, 2020: warming and rain stops in Ukraine



According to forecasts by meteorologist Natalya Didenko, dry weather is expected in Ukraine on Friday May 8, the rains have decreased.

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Weather forecast for May 8, 2020.
In Ukraine, May 8 should warm up and stop the rains. Photo:

Colds and rains decrease and warming occurs. According to Didenko, precipitation is only possible in the eastern regions and in the Crimea.

The wind will blow from the northwest and in the eastern regions from the southwest.

The average temperature will rise to 13-17 degrees Celsius, in some northern regions a little colder – 10-14 degrees Celsius.

It is dry in Kiev, the temperature rises to +14 degrees. A gusty wind is sometimes possible.

But on May 10 and 11, according to Didenko’s forecasts, in Kiev, it will warm up considerably to +22 – +25 degrees Celsius, but only for a few days.

Weather previously announced on May 7.

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