Weather in Ukraine to change dramatically: meteorologists have announced a storm warning



Ukrhydromettsentr made an alarming statement about the weather forecast for the coming days.

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The weather forecast for June 13, 2020.
In Ukraine, a sudden change of weather, a storm warning is announced. Photo:

According to meteorologists, the weather in Ukraine will change dramatically. A storm warning has been announced in parts of the country. It will rain with hail and a strong wind.

On Saturday June 13th, bad weather is expected in the south of Ukraine and in the western regions of the country with a spread in the Vinnitsa region. In these areas, heavy rains with thunderstorms, hail and strong winds are expected. A hazard level I (yellow) is declared here.

Ukrhydrmettsentr appealed to citizens to ask them to be careful and, if possible, to stay at home during the disaster. Drivers are also warned of specific road hazards.

However, the air temperature remains high. In most of the territory, it will reach +35 degrees. A more comfortable temperature will be in the Odessa region. here, the thermometers will display + 24 … + 26 degrees Celsius.

In Kiev, no precipitation is expected. During the day, the air here heats up to +34 degrees, at night, the thermometer bars will display + 24 … + 26 degrees.

The weather was previously reported on June 12, 2020.



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