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Today, on May 22, the crypto community celebrates the tenth anniversary of the most expensive pizza in history purchased for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day: What you can buy for 10 thousand bitcoins today

Each representative of the crypto industry knows a story of how, back in 2010, an American bought two pizzas for 10 thousand bitcoins (BTC). Today, the memory of this event causes laughter, and the buyer is said to be the biggest fool of the 21st century. After all, if he waits a bit and does not spend cryptocurrency on any two pizzas, he will become a multi-billionaire.

Edition of pespace magazine Decided to remember the moment that went down in history as Bitcoin Pizza Day, and also to find out how it affected the future of the crypto industry and what can be bought today for 10 thousand BTC .

History of Bitcoin Pizza Day: How it was

On 18 May 2010, an interesting proposal from a user under the alias Laszlo appeared on one of the popular bitcoin forums. then she wroteI am willing to give 10 thousand bitcoins to the person who can deliver or order two pizzas for him in Jacksonville, Florida. The man had no special need for pizza – he just wanted to experiment, is it really possible to get food for cryptocurrencies. The only request regarding pizza was the mandatory absence of fish.

Comments on Laszlo’s post were different. As of May 21, no one agreed to American’s proposal. Then he again asked if anyone wanted to participate in such a deal, after which a volunteer was found. One of the forum users agreed to the terms put forward by Laszlo. He paid for the delivery of pizza out of his own pocket, and received 10 thousand BTC in return.

The cost of the pizza purchased for bitcoin back then was about $ 20. Thus, for two pizzas, including delivery, $ 40 was paid. In May 2010, 10 thousand bitcoins were worth $ 40– $ 50, so the deal was fair.

On May 22, 2010, Laszlo confirmed that he had received two pizzas for a cryptocurrency and added a photo. The day has become historic for the crypto community, as it was possible for cryptocurrencies to purchase physical products, and not just trade bitcoin on the market.

Pizza for 10 thousand bitcoins

Two pizzas were purchased for 10 thousand bitcoins. Photo: bitcoin wiki

In July 2010, the BTC rate increased abruptly, and in early August, 10 thousand coins were valued at $ 600. Then Laszlo’s proposal on the forum about purchasing products for cryptocurrencies became relevant again. However, Lezlo said that he could no longer bear such costs. It is worth noting that in November 2010 10 thousand bitcoins were worth $ 2600.

Over the next nine years, the price of bitcoin has increased, even reaching $ 20 thousand for 1 BTC. Therefore, people who had large numbers of coins then became millionaires. And buying two pizzas for 10 thousand bitcoins came to be called one of the biggest rubbish of the XXI century.

What happened to laszlo after buying pizza for bitcoin

Pizza for bitcoin

What happened to laszlo after buying pizza for bitcoin

In 2013, Laszlo Henz delivered The interview new York Times. Journalists found that after their historic purchase from an American, interest in cryptocurrency disappeared. He said that in early 2013 he sold all of his bitcoins at a rate of $ 1 and earned $ 4 thousand. For this money, Laszlo bought several computers and video cards. However, the man was not venturing into cryptocurrency mining. Technology update due to his professional activities – Laszlo works as a programmer.

When asked about buying pizza for bitcoin, the man said that he wanted to be the first person in history who managed to acquire real goods for cryptocurrency. And he was successful in achieving his goal. Laszlo said that he did not believe in the possibility of bitcoin back then, so it was not difficult for him to part with cryptocurrency.

In May 2018, reporters from Cointegraph The interview The other party to the transaction, who agreed to use Laszlo. Jeremy Sturdiant – The guy’s name. He said that he has spent bitcoins on a trip.

And in February 2018, many media started talking about Laszlo Henier again. Crypto enthusiast repeated Your 2010 experiment. But this time, the man used the Lightning Network protocol and thus ordered two pizzas for 0.00649 BTC.

Two Pizza for 10 thousand bitcoins: How the incident affected the crypto industry

The example of Lezlo Henier gave many lessons to representatives of the crypto community:

  • Buying or selling something for bitcoin, you will regret it anyway. After all, the bitcoin exchange rate is rising and falling all the time.
  • At the rate of this digital currency it is better to bet with cryptocurrency than with real things.

Bitcoin Pizza Day has become a real celebration for many members of the crypto community. There are different pizzerias promoting every 22 May, offering favorable discounts for paying pizza with bitcoin. Also, every year people compare how many pizzas you can currently buy for 10,000 BTC.

Today, for 10 thousand bitcoins, you can provide a wonderful life not only for yourself, but for several hundred people and even thousands of people. Special dishes and drinks, the latest models of luxury apartments and top cars, luxury watches and a small part of the latest technology innovations that a person who owns so many cryptocurrencies can afford.

What can be bought for 10 thousand bitcoins today

To date (May 22, 2020), BTC costs $ 9,176.52. For 10 thousand bitcoins (and it is $ 91 765 200) you can buy for example:

  • 7,674,100 Pizza for $ 12 (Average Pizza Cost at Pizza Hut in the United States)
  • More than 367 thousand pizzas (cooked on fire and decorated with a very rare Italian white truffle, cost $ 250) from Chef Gordon Ramsay
  • 91 bottles of coconut brandy: Mendis was the first company in the world to use coconut to make wine. A bottle of such wine costs $ 1 million
  • 2 Penthouses in New York
  • 180 luxury apartments in the center of Kiev
  • 158 Ferrari 488 Pista Cars
  • 367 space flights with Virgin Galactic (2.5 hours of space flight, 5-6 minutes in zero gravity. A flight costs $ 250 million)
  • 936 Jagger-LeCoultre watches (one of the most expensive watches in the world, cost more than $ 98 thousand).

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