What card do Ukrainians use to buy and sell cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency exchange data


The founder of the Ukrainian crypto exchange shared figures on the most popular cards among customers

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Mikhail Choubyan, founder of the first in Ukraine crypto-asset exchange KUNA Published Figures on cards used when buying and selling cryptocurrency are often used.

According to Entrepreneur, the most popular are MasterCard cards issued by Prevankbank. In 2020, Monobank approached the largest Ukrainian state bank. “First, because of the price. Mikail Chobanan said, PIVAT takes an additional 0.5% for P2P transfers, and often reduces these transfers.

As for the popularity of MasterCard cards among Qina customers, then, according to the founder of the exchange, this payment system provides greater benefits to the client and sets higher limits on card turnover.

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, thanks to legislation on financial monitoring, will be able to verify the origin of transactions with virtual assets. To this end, the department signed a memorandum with Crystal Blockchain BV, which is the manufacturer of software to monitor such transactions.

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