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Since the beginning of the year, the number of requests from National Bank financial services consumers about the work of banks has increased by one and a half times

Application up to 10 thousand: What are the complaints of customers of Ukrainian banks. Photo:

For the first quarter of 2020, the number of requests by consumers of financial services to the National Bank of Ukraine increased by one and a half times the previous quarter, and the number of calls on the “hot line” increased two and a half times, reaching 5.6 thousand. Since the beginning of the year, NBU 9.685 complaints were processed, the press service of regulatory reports.

It is reported that Ukrainians turned to the National Bank for clarification more often. Specifically, about the problems occurring during the quarantine in March.

3 major consumer issues during quarantine:

  1. Temporary shortage of cash in banks
  2. Credit holidays
  3. Payment card and online transactions

The appeal most often concerns the following banks:

49% – State-owned banks
29% – Banks with foreign capital
22% – Private Bank

It is noted that two-thirds – 66% – of written applications for banks contained signs of consumer rights violations.

What are the signs of violation of consumer rights by banks identified by NBU:

  1. The bank misleads the consumer about the interest rate on the loan (the actual interest rate on the loan is much higher than advertised by the bank).
  2. The bank hides excess payments on the loan, violates the terms of repayment of the loan, arbitrarily raises the loan limit, earns interest on previously accrued interest, deduction of up to 50% from salary or other charges for repayment of loan. Does.
  3. Raises fees for using bank card without warning
  4. The bank includes conditions for early withdrawal of funds from deposits, information on additional fees and penalties on deposits, credit card upon receipt of a salary or pension card.

What should the consumer do in such cases? Universal rules from nbu:

  1. You should carefully read all the conditions for the provision of services, not only a loan or deposit agreement, but a customer profile or a service agreement (after all, tariffs, commissions, etc.) can be set there.
  2. You should always check the full cost of the service, especially the loan, which includes all additional payments.
  3. If the consumer believes that the bank has violated its rights, then you need to write an appeal directly to the bank’s management (some rights violations can be easily resolved at this stage).
  4. If the bank does not respond even after the appeal, you should contact the National Bank of Ukraine


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We previously wrote that the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies (UAFIC) is building the Fincarga national arbitration platform to deal with complaints from consumers of financial services. Consumers will be able to lodge complaints in this system, which will then be transferred to financial institutions associated with the system, and the responses to complaints will be monitored until further disposal. It will be the first independent forum in Ukraine, allowing individuals to resolve disputes with financial service providers quickly, free of charge and without going to the regulator or going to court.

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