What currency transactions did Ukrainians do in May


In May, compared to April of this year, Ukrainians foreign exchange sales increased by 15.4%


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Cash volume sales volume by population exceeded $ 48.5 million in May 2020. This is evident from the figures of the National Bank of Ukraine.

According to the regulator, compared to April of this year in May, Ukrainians increased 15.4% in foreign exchange sales – $ 908.8 million in par, and purchases – 16.8%, equivalent to $ 860.2 million.

At the same time, compared to February, the population in May reduced the sale of currency by 1.6 times, buying – 1.4 times.

In general, since early 2020, cash currency sales volume dominated the purchase volume, amounting to $ 570.9 million between differentials, specifically, in April, according to the National Bank, Ukrainians from $ 50.9 million. Bought more.

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Experts believe that Ukraine had a positive trend in depreciation of foreign currency in May. Also, everything is subject to change.

“The inflation trend has not disappeared,” says economist Oleg Pendzin. – Business maintains the punch-up demand for foreign exchange, which will start to feel full as soon as countries start quarantine. Therefore, for those who have hryvnia surpluses and want to convert them into dollars, it is time to do so on quieter days when the exchange rate is lower. “

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