What discounts are Kievans waiting for after the shopping center opens


Due to downtime, retailers will be forced to lower prices for stale goods

Biggest Sale of the Year: What discounts await after the mall’s opening. Photo:

According to a recent statement by Vitaly Klitschko, the shopping centers will resume work in Kiev from 30 May. On this day, Kievans will be waiting for sales and discounts of up to 50–70%, and network owners will be able to earn after a long time. The shopping center has long been awaiting permission and is ready at any time for visitors to open their doors. During the downtime, retailers collected a lot of unsold goods, which is actually the main reason for the unprecedented sales.

“We are ready to open, we were preparing for this moment. Regarding the tenants – they washed, polished everything, ”said Tatyana Ajazhanova, spokesperson for the Gliver Mall.

Announce discounts and promotions on the opening day of the mall. So far, accurate information of offers is being collected from retailers, but what they will be known for is sure.

“They will definitely be there, with tenants preparing both sales and promotional offers,” says Dmitry Krivoruko, marketing director of River Mall.

The experience of other cities where shopping centers have already opened after quarantine shows that in the first week after the start of stores, shoppers can expect discounts of up to 50–70%.

It is predicted that stores will be able to make good money after quarantine. This situation was in other cities in the first week after inauguration. Due to the epidemic, customers are less likely to walk around the mall, they shop, purposefully, to shop.

“The first week will be good, because the demand is booming, and people actively go to the shops. There was a higher average probe, a higher conversion. Almost all the shoppers coming to the mall were. In the early days, tenants showed + 200%, + 300% on the same day of the previous year, ”said Maxim Gavrushin.

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Recall, Kiev will also be able to start work and hotel on 30 May. Except hostels. For hotels, there are clear requirements they must comply with: temperature checks of employees and guests, facades outside rooms. Visitors are allowed to stay in the lobby at the same time with no 10 square meters of floor space per person.

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