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The advisory group selected 470 enterprises regarding the status and prospects of the business in relation to quarantine

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According to a survey by Advantor Group, Ukraine suffers significant losses due to trade quarantine and estimates a possible reduction in revenue by 2020 at an average of 50%, including 28% of enterprises, with a revenue reduction of over 60% Let’s hope

54% of enterprises expect revenue to decline by more than 40% in 2020. And only 4% of enterprises predict their growth. Apart from food manufacturers and food retailers, as well as food processing companies, agricultural and transport companies and wholesalers, the smallest decline in income is expected.

The number of declining employees was sent (15%) or on unpaid leave (20%), indicating high levels of hidden unemployment in the country. According to experts, unemployment can reach 1.8–2 million people.

If quarantine is extended by the end of summer, another (more than 30%) reduction in personnel is expected in some areas. In particular, it applies to the construction industry, hospitality industry, creative and educational industries. In addition, 46% of restaurant business owners polled would consider completely closing the establishments in this case.

Companies providing professional services (marketing, consulting, design) will suffer the least, the continuation of quarantine will not affect the 36% of enterprises surveyed in the region.

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It is recalled that on May 11 in Ukraine, the first phase of the weakening of the quarantine, introduced in connection with the epidemic of coronovirus, entered into force. In particular, Ukraine is now allowed to travel to parks and squares, as well as children and playgrounds on the road.

In addition, dental work, beauty salons and hairdressers may work, the activities of notaries, lawyers, psychologists are restored. In addition, summer areas of cafes and shops in the mall can work.

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