What is cryptocurrency accumulated by the world’s largest companies


JPMorgan, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Walmart store and store Ethereum

It will take 15 years

Choice of Amazon, IBM and Microsoft: Cryptocurrency is accumulated by the world’s largest companies. Photo:

Adam Cochran, a Metacartel Ventures partner and professor at the College of Constoga Canada, manually audited 10,000 largest ETH addresses to learn about liquidity, profitability, and market manipulation. Analysis of the data also allowed the professor to obtain information about the behavior of the Ethereum whale.

According to Cochran’s report, companies such as JPMorgan, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Walmart are collecting Ethereum tokens. Given that their purses are among the TOP-10,000 Ethereum addresses, these companies are likely to store millions of dollars in their wallet. The report also notes that 17% of the total ETH offers are stored at 10 addresses. Which is equivalent to 16.6 million Ethereum.

Whales, or people with high net worth, are highly active and increase their wealth. Several new wallets appeared in the top 10000, with the first transaction involving fiat exchanges in Gemini, Kraken and Coinbase.

These new addresses were often purchased by Ethereum in the amount of $ 100 thousand to $ 250 thousand, and they make up about 6% of the top 10% addresses.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that today there are about three thousand types of digital money, but only ten of them have real value. The majority of the world’s population uses only one of them – of course, we are talking about bitcoin. It is chosen by 70% of the owners of electronic purses.

In 2020, with the abundance of contactless payments and Internet banks, people with bitcoins are not trusted. Cryptocurrencies, in general, are clearly intimidated considering the digitally black markets and plenty of arms vendors. But is it really so? Details are in PaySpace magazine.

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