What is eSIM and how to use it


The main advantage of virtual sim card is freedom of choice

No more SIM cards: what is eSIM and how to use it

Against the backdrop of mass migration of online business, mobile operators, who did not have the time to implement eSIM, were the most likely to save. This is the technology that makes it possible to remotely sell and configure SIM cards. But this, of course, is not the main plus of a virtual SIM card.

First, eSIM is the ability to completely waive physical cards and all restrictions associated with it. Interestingly, at the beginning of the “mobile era”, the first phone had no SIM card slot, the number was sewed directly into the device, causing the operator’s change to be a real headache.

The latest technology is somewhat similar to earlier mobiles, but with enhanced functionality and modern features. eSIM is also a built-in element, in which some smartphone models are equipped. But unlike its ancestor, eSIM can support multiple operators, which can be easily changed without spending more than a few seconds in the process.

Modern virtual eSIM downloads the number through the network, without restrictions on the number of slots, with older cards. The technology is already actively used by more than 40 countries, with Apple and Google carefully presenting it. Analysts predict the displacement of old cards from the market over the next two to three years.

How and what does it work

Electronic SIM card is still an innovation in the world of technology. ESIM chips are available on some models of gadgets and smartphones: these are primarily Apple and Samsung products. In particular, iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPad 2019, iPad Pro 11 and 12.9, iPad Air 2019, iPad Mini 5, Apple Watch with LTE support.

No more SIM cards: what is eSIM and how to use it

Although Samsung first introduced eSim, the company’s products have far fewer devices with this technology – these are Galaxy Fold, S20, S20 +, S20 Ultra, Z Flip, Gear S2 Classic 3G watches. Recently, Google introduced Apple and Samsung with their Pixel smartphones equipped with virtual SIMs. Now the technology supports Pixel 2 and 2 XL, 3, 3A XL, 3 XL and 4, 4 XL.

To start using ESim, it is not enough to find the right gadget. It is also necessary to coordinate service with local mobile operators. In theory, this would not be a problem in most countries (which is why eSim is very well liked by travelers) – mostly, except China. The celestial empire favors traditional card slots at most twice, at most.

In Ukraine, virtual SIM cards are slowly evolving – there are already three operators working with this service, Triomob, Lifesale and Vodafone. Each operator has its own value to add to the ESM, on average, the service will cost 200 UAH. But most importantly – a new number can be purchased online.

Soon – in every house

It is worth noting that it is not baseless to talk about the soon extinction of the old physical sim-card. First, it refers to the manufacturers’ desire to improve each new smartphone model, and eSim means tremendous space savings and additional tightness for the case.

No more SIM cards: what is eSIM and how to use it. Photo: GuardInfo

Furthermore, eSim enhances the security of the gadget – in case of theft, the card cannot be removed and discarded, as typically thieves do. To download a new profile to the device, you will need a password from the old one, which will transfer the location of the gadget like a regular card.

But the main plus of eSim is freedom of choice. You can order a new number quickly and online from another operator, your smartphone allows you to configure the card for different needs. It is better to use one card for business calls, one for network access, and a third for personal contacts. The maximum number of cards is five. Another number can work on multiple devices.

Technology is indeed very likely for some fans among mobile operators. And not surprisingly, customers began to visit salons and points of sale less frequently, forgetting to move around, destroying well-built delivery plans. But the technology’s potential is really huge, with eSim already planning to use it on a PC and for M2M systems. This means that in the future house, eSim will literally have a central location.

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