What is the most profitable business in Ukraine: rating for investors


The most promising industry unexpectedly turned out to be food production.

What is the most profitable business in Ukraine: rating for investors. Photo: Innovacode

The Office of the National Investment Council analyzed sectors of the Ukrainian economy, based on indicators of the dynamics of sales growth, capital investment and net profit of enterprises, the largest to attract further growth and foreign investment for 2010-2018 chances are.

The office chief said that these industries were also chosen due to the fast pace of overcoming the 2014 crisis and the number of years with positive net profit (over four years). The most promising sectors of the economy for investment were:

  • food production;
  • Textile production;
  • Manufacturing garment wear;
  • Production of pharmaceutical products;
  • Manufacturing computer, electronic and optical products;
  • Manufacture of electrical equipment and furniture;
  • Enterprises for cultivation of annual and biennial crops;
  • Telecommunications Enterprises (Telecommunications);
  • Enterprises engaged in computer programming and related consulting.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

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